Darkrai Gets New Moves in Pokemon Go

The Dataminers at Pokeminers have discovered in version 0.189.0 of Pokemon Go which was released on the 13th October 2020 (and should be rolling out soon) 2 new movesets for Darkrai. They are Incinerate and Dark Void (Darkrai’s signature move).

We don’t know exactly how Niantic will impliment these moves, but we hope they will follow the stats as per pokemondb.net where Incinerate will have a power stats of 60 with an Accuracy of 100 and Dark Void will have an accuracy of 50 and no power stats. Incinerate will be a Fast Move and Dark Void will most likely be a Charge move. We will have to wait and see if Dark Void will be a 1, 2 or 3 bar move when it is released and whether it will be brought in as a Legacy move (which can only be learnt via a raid or by Elite TM’s) or whether you can teach existing caught Darkrai’s with normal TM’s.

The introduction of these moves would indicate that on the 23rd October at 1pm PDT (GMT-9) that Darkrai will be the mystery Legendary appearing in the Raids, but at the moment, that is speculation and we will have to wait to see what Niantic will say nearer to the time. If Darkrai is coming to the raids from the 23rd, battlers will be in with a chance of catching a shiny.

If Darkrai comes back to the raids on the 23rd October, how would you feel about it? Will you be doing any raids, especially if you have the shiny? Does the fact that it can’t be traded make it less worthwhile doing? Will Darkrai be useful in PVP? Will it be a better counter compared to other Dark Types?

As and when more details about the new movesets become available, we will update the article accordingly.

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