Electabuzz Community Day. 15th November 2020

Electabuzz is coming to the first of 2 November Community days on Sunday 15th November 2020 between 11am and 5pm, where you can encounter a shiny Electabuzz in the wild and hatch a shiny Elekid (from the 2km eggs).

You will have up to 2 hours after the event to evolve the best Electabuzz / Elekid to Electavire to teach the move Flamethrower. At this moment in time, we don’t know how good Flamethrower will be in terms of PVP or PVE.

In the in-game shop, there is a ticket that costs $1 (79p in the UK, other location prices may vary) that will give you access to the exclusive research task, which will need to be completed by the end of the Community Day.

During the CD event, you will get the bonus of hatching at 1/4 distance, and incense will last 3 hours.

You will also be greeted by 5 encounters that will give you Electabuzz as a spawn. 5 is the number that has been determined from previous events, so we are assuming that it will be the case in this CD.

For 1280 coins, you will be able to get a Community Day Box that will have an Elite Fast TM, 3 Super incubators, 3 incense and 30 Ultra balls. Will this been seen as good value for money? Everyone will have their own opinions, but this is one of 2 ways to get to an Elite TM, so it will be down to you weigh up the pros and cons and whether it represents good value.

If you get a hundo or even a shundo, don’t forget to post it in the trophy room on the Discord Server and claim some Bragging Rights.

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