October Community Day is upon us!

17th October 2020 – Community Day Featuring…….

…. our fiery friend Charmander. This will be the 2nd time Charmander will be appearing as a Community Day Pokemon during the hours of 11am and 5pm local time.

The Community day, as you can see from the Infographics, will have 3x Stardust bonus, 3 hour Incense and will have the Exclusive Fast Move of Dragon Breath, which can only be taught via evolution or by using the Elite Fast TM during and after the Community Day.

There is also a Special Research task which is available in the in-Game shop, which will give you exclusive rewards, which will most likely contain Charmander, Charmeleon and Charziard as reward Pokemons. There will be other rewards as part of the research.

There is also a free Ultra Ball Box and a 1280 coin CD Box as well, which contains a Elite Charge TM, Ultra Balls and a few other rewards.

For the purposes of PVP Charziard may be considered a spicy choice in the Open League in every category, but maybe useful in the Ultra and Master Premier League and in the Greal League Flying Cup, so it will be useful to grab a few from the event. Below is an infographics produced courtesy of PVPoke that illustrates what you should aim for in terms of PVP worthy catches.

Good luck for Community Day, and hope you all get the perfect Shiny Hundos!

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