Update to Mega Evolution!

Niantic have announced the following update to Mega Evolutions.

  • A Mega Evolved Pokemon will last for 8 hours instead of the previously stated 4 hours.
  • The amount of Mega Energy that can be stored for the Pokemon that currently Mega Evolved has been increased from 999 to 2000.

What does this mean for the game mechanic?

Will this be the introduction of Mega Evolution in PVP?

How will this be useful for Raids outside Raid Hour?

Will there be an all day or a multi-hour raid event coming to Pokemon Go?

Will this be the introduction of having multiple Mega Evolved Pokemon in Raid teams or even PVP?

This just could be Niantic just listening to the feedback from the community (or even taking the initiative) and giving us what we want or need. It’s a matter of time before Mega Evolutions has more uses outside Raid Battles and people will be able to use them in in things like PVP.

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